High Impact IoT Research Lab and IBDRCC Cell published IEEE Paper on IoT Based Smart Vehicle


The paper investigates a few of the major areas of the next generation technological advancement, "smart city planning concept". The areas that the paper focuses are vehicle to grid (V2G), sun to vehicle (S2V), and vehicle to infrastructure (V2I). For the bi-directional crowd energy single entity concept, V2G and building to grid (B2G) are the primary parts of distributed renewable generation (DRG) under smart living. This research includes an in-depth overview of this three major areas. Next, the research conducts a case analysis of V2G, S2V, and V2I along with their possible limitations in order to find out the novel solutions for future development both for academia and industry levels. Lastly, few possible solutions have been proposed to minimize the limitations and to develop the existing system for future expansion.

Publication under the cell

MD Shahrukh Adnan Khan, Khairul Alam, Design and Business Modelling of IoT based Cost Effective Vehicle Monitoring System For Next Generation Smart Vehicle,IEEE International WIE Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering (WIECON-ECE), India, December, 2020.

Publication Article Name :

Design and Business Modeling of an IoT Based Cost-Effective Vehicular Monitoring System for Next Generation Smart Vehicle