Electrolysis & Chemistry Lab

Lab In-Charge:Walid Bin Kaden
Assistant professor & Head of Natural Science

About Lab

This Chemistry & Electrolysis lab gives student access to major research instrumentation and state-of-the-art technology. By enabling more modern experimentation, these resources foster critical thinking and problem solving skills that prepare undergraduates for graduate level, improve their research skills and develop their careers in industry. Advanced experimentation also enables more sophisticated student-designed research-type projects. 1st year Fresher’s Chemistry Sessional is conducted in this lab. Moreover, during COVID-19 pandemic, HAND SANITISERS and other necessary equipment has been manufactured in the lab with the supervision of the Lab In-Charge.

  • Sessional: Chemistry
  • Research: Manufacture of cost-effective & quality Hand Sanitisers, Hand Gloves and other necessary products

contact information

Contact Person:Md. Siddik

Assistant Technical Officer