Sustainable Development and Renewable Cell (SDRC)

Principal Investigator & Head of Research Cell:
Dr. MD Shahrukh Adnan Khan

About the Cell

SDRC is one the most vibrant research cells of the EEE department which directly works with SCPC (Smart City Planning Cell) and EHSC (Energy Harvesting & Storage Cell) to conduct profound research on Renewable Energy, Crowd Energy, Distributed Energy & Energy Storage and so on. The research cell has several achievements in publishing high impact research papers in SCOPUS journals. The Research Cell features Vertical Axis Wing Turbine, Solar Cell, Supercapacitor Bank, Charge Controller along with exclusive original Labview, Simulink and other premium software to conduct through & complete research.

Publication under the cell

A LabVIEW-based Real-Time GUI for Switched Controlled Energy Harvesting Circuit for Low Voltage Application

This research developed a universal Real-Time Graphical User Interface for energy Harvesting. The proposed GUI is built in LabVIEW with NIUSB 621 DAQ that synchronized the data to perform real-time analysis through the use of power electronics. A hybrid Vertical Axis Wind Turbine adapted to a 200W Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator is used for incorporating the supercapacitor-based battery charging energy harvesting system. The GUI displays the real-time energy harvesting output readings both graphically and digitally along with wind speed and angular velocity of the turbine. The model is built in such a way so that it could be used as a universal GUI for both wind and solar energy harvesting with minimal adjustment.