Satellite Communication Cell (SCC)

Principal Investigator & Head of Research Cell:
Dr. MD Shahrukh Adnan Khan

about the cell

According to UNOOSA (United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs), there are 4,635 satellites currently orbiting the planet. Among these, only 1738 satellites are active according to the USC (Union of Concerned Scientist). With Bangabandhu 1 (BD-1) satellite launched on 5th May, 2018; Bangladesh has become the 57th country to have launched a satellite. nities to work with DTH services in Bangladesh. This research is a stepping stone to our future work which is on DTH service in Bangladesh.

Publication under the cell

An Advanced Technical and Parametrical Comparison of Satellites in Asia Region with Uplink EIRP (dB) Vs. Transmitting Antenna Configuration

The advent of space communications over the years have led to major development of satellite communications and broadcasting technology. Over the past decade, several satellites have been launched which now plays a coordinated role in the exchange of information resources. This paper presents a study on few of the satellites at work in the Asian region and their distinguishing features and parameters.