High Impact IoT Research Lab

Principal Investigator & Head of Research Cell:
Dr. MD Shahrukh Adnan Khan

About IoT Lab

High Impact IoT Research Lab is the flagship lab and center of research for department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering. The research lab is dedicated for quality resesearch consisting of the 3 following major wings:

  • Energy & Storage Wing
  • 3D Modelling & Design Wing
  • AI & Robotics Wing
The lab is equipped with high end sophisticated IoT devices, Kits, smart equipment, robotics arm, wind turbines, supercapacitor bank, vertical axis wind turbine, solar cells, 3D printer, Data Acquisition, sensors and other smart instruments and devices along with original simulation & device software like Labview, Matlab, Simulink and so on.

  • Sessional: Final Year Project, Control System, IoT
  • Research: IoT & Big Data, Robotics, Renewables, Design & Modelling
  • Associated Cell: Smart City Planning Cell