Energy Harvesting and Storage Cell (EHSC)

Principal Investigator & Head of Research Cell:
Md. Pabel Sikder
Lecturer, Department of EEE
Canadian University of Bangladesh

Research Assistants
1. Mohammad Yeasin Newaj Khan
2. Md. Akhlakur Rahman Ahad
3. Sufia Khatun
4. Rifhat Nobony
5. Akash Das

about the cell

A burning concern of the 21st century is that conventional energy sources are depleting. Thus, it has become a necessity to find alternative power generating sources. Having considered the speedy development of electronic devices, the need for power has never been greater. Each day, people spend more time on electronics but are often found to be in difficult situations with limited battery charge. This research cell investigates the current energy harvesting and storage elements and systems both for off grid and on grid system and tries to discover an innovative approach towards finding a cost-effective and feasible layout for off-grid storage.

Publication under the cell

Feasibility Study of a Novel 6V Supercapacitor based Energy Harvesting Circuit Integrated with Vertical Axis Wind Turbine for Low Wind Areas

International Journal of Renewable Energy Research-IJRER

A Stand-Alone Photovoltaic DC Mini-Grid with Novel Semi-Active Hybrid Energy Storage System for Isolated Areas, IEMPOWER-2021, India.
Publisher : AIP
Indexing : Scopus

State of Charge Analysis of Super-Capacitor Bank for 40F and 400F at Small Scale Off-Grid Energy Storage, International Conference on Advances in Electrical Engineering, 2019.
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