Message from the Head

Electrical and Electronic Engineering IEEE) is considered as one of the most sophisticated and versatile engineering degrees that hasthe widest job scope available in the industry. PEE includes four major field of areas namely Electrical, Electronic, Communication and Software; which in sum covers Sustainable Energy, Power Station & Smart Grid, Transformer & Machine Designing, Optical Fibre, Design & Manufacturing of Semiconductors Devices, Programming & Outsourcing, Al & Robotics and so many other industry relevant fields. The demand of FEE has been increasing with time and A will never diminish. I, as the Head of FEE, have taken the responsibility to set the Department as an example for all. I see a dream, that is to make the department as one of the best in this area by providing true industry based knowledge, outstanding research exposure and preparing students for real life. Our courses are UGC approved, well-structured and up to date with latest and next generation technologies from the relevant fields. Furthermore, to develop self & independent learning and to make the students prepared for the industry, course and sessional have been structured with LO beaming Outcomes) and CO (Course Objectives) mapping in accordance with Intemational Quality Research Cell (IQAC) guidelines.

We have introduced High Impact loT Research Lab, funded by High-Tech Park, ICT Division as one of the world's 1st generations loT hubs. We have already taken initiatives to introduce 13 research cells with our experienced faculty members and foreign advisory board. This, in result, will not only promote research and Innovation among the students but also will take the research into Commercialization through business modelling. Department has a plan to engage students in foreign Industrial training, student mobility across the world, national and International conferences and so on. Furthermore, we have collaborated with JICA and BCC to prepare skilled engineers for Japanese Industry as well.

So, aim high and dream big. loin us, feel the difference and be proud. We do care, for every student-THAT IS MY PROMISE.

Dr. MD Shahrukh Adnan Khan, MIET, FERC
Associate Professor and Head, Department of EEE
Dean (Acting), School of Science & Engineering
Director, Innovation & Commercialization Centre
Canadian University of Bangladesh